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I’m a long time game veteran with experiences in different mmo games and genre. My leveling tips used to work for all MMOs but not in Neverwinter Dungeons and Dragons. Feeling outdated, I wanted to learn how to tackle the game right from the beginning without wasting time relearning the basics: How do I level up efficiently without wasting time or getting the right build set-ups from the beginning? What kinds of builds are available for PvE and PvP engagement without resorting to intense, time wasting research? How can I possibly craft legendary gear without wasting time and precious resources? Driven by these questions, I searched for a definite solution to solve these riddles.

Judging from other Neverwinter mmo blogs, I checked through posts and it so happens others share these same concerns. Many list out build recommendations but others claim (via the replies) these fail to work. Where does that leave me? Killer Guides. Searching through the posts, I came across, a company advertising mmo PDF downloadable guides including Neverwinter. The website offers 3 guides for $19.99 USD each and a bundle for a flat rate of $39.99 USD. According to their website, the leveling guide advertises ‘cutting-edge’ leveling methods to achieve the level cap under 7 days. The guide publicizes in providing literal step-by-step instructions how to efficiently develop a build without ‘screwing up’ from the beginning. This was exactly what I was looking for; direct instructions aimed to help me from the get-go.

One of the books’ crowning chapter was the leveling section which contained rich information about how to properly level, using methods developed by the author. The benefits of the leveling chapter was the ability to put the methods into practice in real time. I chose one of the recommendations and headed over to one of the dungeons. By default I never expected the method to work, strategically speaking. However, after following the guide closely, it dawned on me why the author directed me to use these rotations. The result was spot on; I was able to topple my enemies under 2 minutes using the given strategies and as a result, received a heap load of exp and quickly too! Trying out another recommended strategy, I advanced further into the dungeon and encountered another set of mobs. Again, using the given rotation, monsters were easily dispatched and as an added bonus, I was rewarded with rare loot.

I began to realize how effective these methods were the moment they’re used in succession. Leveling became enjoyable fun than simply running around grinding. In the end, I was able to level up 3 times as fast and gained a couple of levels within several hours.

What I truly appreciated as well were the leveling methods for solo players and for group settings. The author made sure nobody was left out.

Skill Builds
The skill builds and rotations section demonstrates the author’s expertise in the field. With the help of the author, I was able to construct several builds to be put to the test. The suggested builds worked effectively well; I was able to boost my damage by 20% and defenses by another 15% at semi-early levels. I did not expect the builds to provide a boost to my character but I’m glad the author proved me wrong. Next, I focused on rotations.

There was not one, or two but several rotations I can chose from. Selecting a couple of rotations to try out, I tested how effective they would be. I was surprised again, how these simple (and extremely overlooked) rotations perfected extremely well. My character benefited from keeping a safe distance from the opposition and blasting several spells according to the advice provided. The enemy was unable to get close to me before it was defeated. It’s quite difficult to put into words but these rotations simply work. Of course, if you happen to not agree with what the author says, there’s always options to choose another rotation that works best for you. In the end, the rotations, in my own opinion, were 100% more effective than rotations suggested by players on forum threads.

Final Notes:
To be frank, I have never read a well thought-out guide such as the Neverwinter guide. The provided information was extremely clear-cut and the advised methods simply worked in my favor. Prior to using this guide, I’ve come across other sources which advised me on using particular leveling methods but unfortunately, fail to impress me. In contrast, this book alone provided me all the well deserved ‘cutting-edge’ strategies that work and for a low price of $19.99 USD, every recommendation was worth it. There’s so much in the guide I would like to talk about but I think it’s best for you to read through the guide yourself.

I would love to share these leveling methods with you but due to Killer Guides’ strict single license, sharing would be in serious violation of their policy.

While nowadays $19.99 is quite a bit more than what you usually for an e-book, I actually found it to be quite a bargain, considering what it delivers: In addition to some currently most effective strategies, you’ll get all future updates free of charge!

At the beginning of this, I set out to find a guide to help me familiarize myself with Neverwinter and prepare me for the road ahead; in return, I received exceptional advice that proved to me they work. Highly recommended. If you’re interested in other Neverwinter guide titles, Killer Guides offers PvP and gold guides up for grabs as well!

To get a copy of this extremely informative guidebook, click here.

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PvP and Model in Neverwinter Guides

This is a basic overview of the overall mechanics for Neverwinter. For more detailed insights about the class, check out this exclusive Neverwinter guide from

We know that PVP will be available in Neverwinter, but it wasn’t implemented in the Beta so I couldn’t test it yet. The developers have stated that they wanted to finish the rest of the game before they start with PVP, and that makes me feel like PVP isn’t very important to them. For me personally, that’s not a problem because I suck at PVP. All the same, if you want to release PVP, make sure it’s good. Don’t release PVP if it’s going to suck anyway. You might just leave it out then because it’s only going to be bad publicity for your game.

There’s not a lot of information available for the end game of Neverwinter. The only real info we got so far is about a foundry; a place where you can create user-generated content. Every player can be their own dungeon master and create a dungeon for their friends to explore. You can also rate each other’s dungeons, so that’s pretty nice. Sadly, the Level Editor wasn’t in the Beta yet, so I didn’t get a chance to test it out. I did however, get to play a few pre-made dungeons and those were pretty good; it showed a lot of possibilities. The real question here is, is this enough to fill up the end game? What are you going to do when you hit level 60? Which is the max level, by the way. Are you just going to play Foundry all day? I don’t know. Let’s just hope that Neverwinter doesn’t make the same mistake a lot
of other MMO’s do; that is releasing with a lack of end game content. That has been the downfall of several MMOs already.

neverwinter pvp

Neverwinter is going to be a free-to-play game, and this is dangerous because there’s always a chance of getting a pay-to-win game instead. For those who don’t know what pay-to-win is, it’s basically that you need to spend money to be any good at a game. For example, you have to buy better gear from the shop in MMOBUX. Let’s hope this will not be an issue and that we’ll only be able to buy good cosmetic items, mounts, and maybe an XP Boost. However, Cryptic Studios hasn’t released any details on what they’re going to sell in the shop and how much the price is going to be.

One thing is certainly for sure, Neverwinter is a game you should definitely keep your eye on. It’s strongest points so far are the gameplay and the ability to create your own content. However, we don’t know anything about the end game yet, and there’s not a lot of info about what we’re going to be able to buy with real money. There was also no PVP available in this Beta. I’m afraid we’ll just have to wait and see. So far, the game has a lot of potential but it could go both ways. Let’s hope Cryptic Studios
make the right decisions and that we’ll be able to add another free-to-play game to our game collection.

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Guide to Neverwinter

UPDATE: Looking for a great guide to help you in Neverwinter? Check out the Neverwinter Handbook written by the veterans of KillerGuides. I’ve used this guide before and it’s one of the best guides available covering leveling, crafting and PvP information about the game. This guide will not disappoint! 😀

nw 2

Neverwinter was announced quite some time ago. Last week, I finally got toplay the Beta. I spent 4 days in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. In the rest of the article, you’ll find my first impressions. I’ve split up the article in different parts that each handle a different topic; that’s because there’s a lot to talk about. It’s an MMO after all, and I wanted to keep it simple for everyone. Let’s get started with the different playable races. There’s 7 playable races that are in the game right now: The Dwarfs, the Humans, the Elves, the Half-Elves, the Thieflings and the Halflings. Thieflings are basically demon-like creatures and Halflings are you regular hobbits; although they do seem to wear shoes in this game. The seventh race are the Drow; they’re a kind of dark elves, but you can only play in this race if you buy the Founder’s Pack, and this Founder’s Pack costs you $200; not exactly cheap. Depending on the race you pick, you also get different bonus attributes. When you finish picking your race and your class, you can customize your character and it can be very specific: Raise your eyebrows, lower your eyebrows, make your mouth bigger, make your head bigger, make it smaller, make yourself look like an idiot; whatever, it’s all available.

Contrary to most MMOs, Neverwinter is more tailored towards action gameplay, kind that reminds me of Terror. There’s no waiting for global cool downs and instead it feels a lot like playing a hack-and-slash game. This is a very nice addition to the game. Although Guild Wars 2 tried to do the same, Neverwinter goes a lot further. When you finally decide to kick some behind, you’ll discover that you have 3 different kinds of skills. The first kind are the At-Will Skills; these are bound to your left and right mouse button. There’s no auto-attack in Neverwinter, so these are basically your standard attacks. Next up you have 3 encounter skills; these skills are stronger, but they also have a longer cool down. An example is the Guardian Fighter’s Charge skill in which he flies forward towards an enemy.

You’ve also got 2 daily skills; these are your stronger skills, but they also have a drawback. You need to have a certain amount of Action Points before you can cast them. Depending on your class, you get action points for dealing damage, healing or tanking. Lastly, you’ve also got one more skill left that’s bound to your TAB button. By pressing the TAB button, a Trickster Rogue can become invisible, a guardian Fighter can mark an enemy, which is very handy for dungeons, and a Devoted Cleric can use it to add extra effects to their existing spells. Of course, as you level, you’ll unlock more skills but there’s a maximum number of skills you can put on your action bar. You’ll have to decide if you need that healing spell more or that offensive spell; it’s up to you.

This might sound a bit strange when we’re talking about an MMO, but this game feels a lot like a single-player experience, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This game features a lot of instances, so basically, these are areas where you play alone. There’s lots of dungeons and all of them are group dungeons. Most of them are actually single-player dungeons that are used to complete quests. In this way, the game feels a lot like Guild Wars 1. On the other hand, there are also lots of persistent worlds, by which I mean areas that keep even if a player logs out, a bit like World of Warcraft. The combination of MMO and single-player content is very positive because you still feel like you’re playing an MMO but you get the difficulty level of a single-player game.

Neverwinter also isn’t the MMO for everyone. If you’re more of a hardcore gamer, I recommend you stick with a game from a company that caters to that audience. With Elder Scrolls Online being delayed to 2014, your best bet this year would be FFXIV. Our sister site is covering it extensively. Head over and check them out as well!

Updated Class and Races

UPDATE: Looking for a great guide to help you in Neverwinter? Check out the Neverwinter Handbook written by the veterans of KillerGuides. I’ve used this guide before and it’s one of the best guides available covering leveling, crafting and PvP information about the game. This guide will not disappoint! 😀

Since there is no dedicated classes page for Neverwinter (unlike other games – Final Fantasy XIV has two alone: and I’ve decided to take things into my own hands: I’m proud to announce that Neverwinter’s races and class sections have been updated with bios and pictures. It’s still a work in progress but over time there’s going to be a heap of content in those sections.

As a breakdown, all the races have been accounted for including: Human, Elf, Half Elf, Drow, Tiefling and Dwarf.

The class section is a work in progress as we have content for the Great Weapon Fighter and the Guardian Fighter. Those sections will be updated shortly with more news once it’s released!

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more information! 🙂

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Welcome to NeverwinterGuide.Com!


Neverwinter (Photo credit: ainudil)

Welcome Dungeon & Dragons fans to our resource website where all the latest news, reviews, previews and guides will be showcased! We’re still under construction but over time, we’ll have this puppy up and running at 100%!

Please keep checking back for further updates 🙂

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