Control Wizard

Looking for the right guide to help you level the Control Wizard effectively? Check out the Neverwinter leveling manual showcasing the best leveling methods for the class. In addition, you’ll get a complete breakdown on the class’s talents and in-depth analysis on how to master the class in 7 days.

Neverwinter Control Wizard

One of the oldest classes to grace Neverwinter is the Control Wizard; a wizard (by name sake) is keen on casting crowd control abilities, powerful spells and buffs. All of these qualities are good and all but the drawback to any magic user is having a small pool of HP. The Control Wizard will be the type of class that isn’t recommended to go soloing but on the other hand, once in a group, the CW can potentially become a powerful ally amidst an intense battle.

What’s so great about the class is its crowd control abilities and one of the spells defined by CC is called Ray of Frost. This skill is basically used to root an enemy to his spot but due to its long casting time, this skill isn’t recommended for starters. Instead, other skills such as Repel or Ice Storm dish out considerable damage and pushes back the enemy. These couple of seconds will allow the Control Wizard to recuperate before enemies are back on their feet. Keep in mind though, Repel and Ice Storm are extremely useful when players go solo. However, these two skills are terrible in a group setting.

While your attackers are preparing to deal melee attacks, Repel and Ice Storm can push the enemies out of range and thus, your group would need to slightly recuperate for those lost seconds. Although its not terrible when the environment around you is beneficial toward your assault tactics. If there happens to be a spike-filled pit, why not use Repel and push in your enemies? The main point of these two skills are to use it wisely. It’s okay for soloing purposes but in a group, use it when the melee fighters have dealt significant damage before unleashing Ice Storm.

Control Wizard

So how do you actually avoid damage while your HP are ridiculously low? To keep you and your enemies away with a ten foot pole, Chill is a great skill to use. Stacking this skill six times will ultimately freeze the enemy giving you a window of opportunity to smash them. But if you’re in for some amusement, stacking the skill around three times will cause ice to form at their feet, rooting them to the spot. However, not all ice staking methods will freeze the enemy thus, using Conduit of Ice will deal out more damage especially if the enemy has been ‘chilled’.

If all else fails, use Teleport. By pressing the Shift key and the directional buttons, you can teleport yourself away from incoming danger. Teleport requires Stamina. The best part is that your Stamina doesn’t have to be at a full 100% in order for you to teleport away. You can teleport four times until your Stamina is completely depleted. As recommendation, stock up on tons of potions since well, it’s probably going to save your life many times over.