Great Weapon Fighter

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Great Weapon Fighter

Equipped with a humongous giant sword, this class’ main focus is to destroy enemies on sight through massive melee damage. Swing that sword as many times as you’d like to get the job done. To be on a technical level, the class dishes out Area of Effect attacks which scatter damage across multiple targets. Players will benefit from this class if they are playing in groups or better yet, surrounded by mobs. Bring in the big guy to level the playing field.

If you’re talking about defense, there is none. Your sword is basically your defensive offense, if that makes any sense at all.

Now let’s talk about GWF’s maneuverability. You’ll assume the class would be slow and slothful, correct? In a way yes and no. The class possess a Sprint ability (pressing the Shift button) to initiate a full-on sprint to dodge bosses or recuperate elsewhere. Sprint uses Stamina so save up and use it when it’s necessary.¬† It’s recommended to use Sprint every so often; exhausting your Stamina will¬† not sit will with you or your fighter.

Naturally if you’d want to avoid any attacks, you can sidestep but due to the bombarding of animations possessed by enemies or yourself, if you found a window of opportunity to move out of the way, do it. Plus, Sprint is a great ability to use if you need to get up close and personal with an enemy and unleash long ranged attacks.

Great Weapon Fighter Screen

Another ability that can be used by the class is called Unstoppable. Unstoppable can be activated once players reach level 10 and in addition, their Determination meter needs to be filled. To fill the gauge, players must slay enemies or receive damage. Once the gauge has been filled up to 50% or more, the weapon lights up and initiates a rage-type mode. Your attacks become faster but the damage dealt lessens. On the bright side, your GWF receives less damage from enemies.

As for attacks, the GWF has several abilities under his or her belt. One of the abilities for pure offense is called Reaping Strike which requires a charging up. Once done charging, the GWF can unleash a full on 360 degree arc. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s Wicked Strike which is a 3 hit combo and Sure Strike unleashing smaller arcs but delivers quick slashes plus dealing out more damage in a focused zone.