Guardian Fighter

Looking for a solid reference for the Guardian Fighter class? There’s this guide by Killer Guides that specifically covers the Guardian Fighter. It’s located in the Neverwinter strategy book. Within the book, there’s proven leveling methods, an introduction on how to create killer rotations and builds. Basically this is one of the most well-written references I’ve come across in regards to the class. The guide is unofficial by nature yet professionally written. Go here to get your copy!

Guardian Fighter

This is the second fighter class revealed after the greatness of The Great Weapon Fighter. With this class here, there’s not a shadow of a doubt that your sword is the business end. The shield is a useful weapon as well; the shield’s purpose is to shield you or your allies but in addition to that, it can slam enemies ultimately weakening them. Couple that with your long sword, enemies don’t stand a chance against the destructive powers of a cleaver. In shorter words: This class is another melee tank.

Unlike the GWF, Guardian Fighters wear heavier armor and transform into a wall of protection between weaker allies and monsters. As mentioned above, the class’ diversity is using the sword and shield in combination with skills that are meant to do some hurt. The class has a ton of HP so players don’t have to worry about that (unless they choose to stand still and do nothing).

Guardian Fighter Screen

One of the key skills used by the GF is Guard by pressing the Shift key. This skill allows the character to move about freely with his raised shield and block incoming damage. Make note that while using his skill, agility is lowered but it’s worth it in the long run. But the trade-off is the ability to block most physical attacks. However, not everything can be blocked; status effects such as poison will be successfully inflicted.

But let’s not forget, constant blocking requires Stamina. With each successful block, Stamina is depleted. Once Stamina is depleted to 0%, Guardian Fighters will be unable to block which makes them susceptible to attack. To refill the gauge, players must use the shield to attack to regenerate Stamina. Players must keep in mind to have a balance between using block and attacking.