Trickster Rogue

Below is a preliminary look to the Trickster Rogue. If you want to specifically specialize in it, I suggest the Neverwinter guide, courtesy of Killer Guides. By far it’s one of the best guides I’ve used for the game. It contains an in-depth analysis of leveling methods, how to build effective talents and provides cut-throat gold strategies. By far, this guide is one of the best guides I’ve come to use! Highly recommended!

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue

This is for you rogue lovers out there. The Trickster Rogue will be the type of class whizzing in and out of battle or every so often, dropping in decoys for enemies to take the bait. You would assume the rouge is the type of class that sneaks using the cover of shadow but that’s far from the truth; the rouge contains two core skills: Stealth and Misdirection.

Stealth is about reducing threats and increasing the damage output by your encounter powers. The neat thing is that you gain additional interactions based if your rouge is in stealth mode or not.

Misdirection comes in the form of baiting your enemies. Bait and Switch allows you to enable a decoy while you safely leap away into safety. Every time the decoy is attacked, the rouge gains Action Points which allows the rogue to use Daily Powers frequently. Activating Bait and Switch from stealth will instantly refill your stealth bar.

Trickster Rogue

This class isn’t a rogue if it couldn’t dodge like a boss. Like many other classes, the Shift key is used exclusively to dodge as well as double tapping the directional button to move where you want to go. The added perk with this is that if you time it right and you dodge an incoming attack on time, you’ll receive no damage. Instead, your dodge will be label ‘resist’ which means, you successfully dodged an attack! Give yourself a pat on the back!

The class is a very straight forward class; use skills to attack and buttons to dodge. But is there something more to rouge that distinguishes from the other hard hitting or spell-based classes. This class has the ability to have a friend, a companion per say. One of the recommended companions to have by your side is a Cleric. With its ability to heal over time, your rogue can pretty much take on a boss alone without subjecting to use of potions. If you’re a total solo-er, then you can activate skills that steal life away from the enemy.

For battle tactics, it’s good to keep a good distance between you and the enemy; one of the suggested rotations to use is:

Stealth > Bait and Switch > Stealth > Deft Strike > Lashing Blade

This is a rotation that’s aimed to confuse your enemy with a decoy before landing several deadly strikes on them. This is aimed for a single enemy.

Needless to say the rogue is a  clever class to use if of course, used properly. Adapting a decoy and keeping your distance with a help of a healing companion, you’re all set to take on anything that comes your way!